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Akron OH Home Inspection Guide 🔎 | Best Home Inspectors in Akron & How to Choose

Akron OH Home Inspection Guide 🔎 | Best Home Inspectors in Akron & How to Choose

Last Updated on: 20th January 2023, 06:56 am

Akron Ohio is the place to be! With a median home cost of $120,000, Akron is one of the most affordable major cities in the United States. It is just 40 miles south of Cleveland, making it a great suburb for young professionals and families.

However, you shouldn’t call the moving company just yet. Home inspectors in Akron OH can check your property and make sure it is safe for you and your family. You should also get an inspection every year, so you know what repairs you need to make.

Not sure who to call? Here are the best home inspectors in Akron, Ohio today.

How to Find a Home Inspector in Akron OH

The most important quality of an Akron home inspector is that they are licensed. Ohio requires all home inspectors in the state to have an Ohio home inspection license. Section 4764.05 of the Ohio Revised Code provides the state laws for Ohio licensed home inspectors.

In order to receive a home inspection license in Ohio, a home inspector must submit to state and federal criminal background checks. The inspector must complete at least 80 hours of classroom or online instruction. They then must pass the National Home Inspector Examination before submitting their Ohio home inspector license application.

Inspectors should keep records of their education. Ask to see the inspector’s education certificates, so you know where they went to school and how much education they have. They should have classroom experience in the specific line of work you are hiring them for.

After checking that your inspector is licensed, you should see if they have relevant experience. Ask them for examples of their work for previous clients. Get client references and call a few of them on the phone, asking them questions about their experiences with the inspector.

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has an Ohio chapter. Your inspector should be a member of the ASHI and receive continuing education from them.

Akron City Inspectors

You need an inspection from a city employee under a few circumstances. If you are installing a new pool or requesting a zoning permit, you need to contact the Engineering Bureau and arrange an inspection. If you are changing your water line or Akron utilities, you need to contact Water Distribution. You cannot use a third-party inspector in lieu of a city inspector.

The Summit County Department of Building Standards approves construction permits in Akron and surrounding communities. If you apply for a permit through them, they will send an inspector to investigate your project and make sure you are following Akron building codes.

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

Home inspectors look for problems with the structure of a home, including the foundation, HVAC system, and roof. They will also examine the insulation, walls, windows, and doors of a home.

Some inspectors have specialties. You can hire a pest inspection or a termite inspection professional to check your home for signs of infestations. You can also hire someone to focus on your septic system or exterior.

Some inspectors may make on-site repairs as they notice problems. Others will conduct a home inspection in Akron OH, tell you of problems, and ask you to hire them so they can fix things.

Be careful with hiring an inspector who doubles as a repair technician. They may have a conflict of interest, and they may overstate problems, so you spend money hiring them.

North Ohio Property Inspection | Terrific Customer Service and Complete Inspections

North Ohio Property Inspection has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company offers a wide variety of services besides standard home inspections. Employees can check your home for radon levels, inspect the water quality in your pipes and wells, and use drones to examine your roof.

Many customers vouch for the thorough nature of their inspections and their great customer service. An employee will walk you through each part of your house and explain why certain features need to be fixed. You can request a quote through a phone call or online, and you can pay with a credit card, cash, or check.

TK Home Inspection | Thought Leaders in Akron Home Inspections

TK Home Inspection also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. TK has a team of three licensed home inspectors with years of experience in the industry. They conduct home inspections in Akron OH, based on the ASHI’s code of regulations. You can view their checklist online.

TK Home Inspection offers classes for Ohio real estate professionals and home inspectors. Their online blog provides tips on maintaining a home and asking questions to home inspectors. They have formed partnerships with many Akron realtors, making them a great option if you’re moving to Akron neighborhoods or buying a home for the first time.

Barry Sigler Inspections | Experienced Akron Inspector With Specialties

Barry Sigler is an ASHI-licensed home inspector with more than 15 years of experience as an inspector and businessman. He holds three licenses in Ohio, including one for testing radon and another for conducting insect inspections. At the end of each Ohio home inspection, he gives the homeowner a report with visual materials showing where problems are in the house.

Many older homes with wooden features are vulnerable to wood-destroying insects, as are rural homes. Sigler can check your property for wood-destroying insects like beetles and wasps while inspecting your home.

Northern Pride Home Inspections | Versatile Akron Home Inspectors

Northern Pride offers several types of home inspections. Inspectors can perform pre-purchase inspections, evaluating a home before you buy a property. They can also perform pre-listing and new construction inspections, letting you make repairs before you put a property up for sale and rent.

Alexander Khlystov is the owner of Northern Pride. He has certifications from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Khlystov can perform radon gas testing and pest inspections while examining your property.

Point Man Home Inspection | Comprehensive Historic and Mobile Home Inspections

  • Address: 149 Bierce Street, Tallmadge, Ohio 44278
  • Phone number: (330) 808-3033
  • Inspection cost: Prices depend on age and size of your home; veterans, first responders, and teachers qualify for $50; radon tests cost $200 and insect inspections cost $100

Point Man Home Inspection has certifications from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. The company specializes in inspecting historic homes and mobile homes. They can also examine areas that other companies do not examine, like your fireplace and exterior cladding.

A Step Up Home Inspection | Family-Run Akron Business With Unique Offerings

A Step Up is a family-owned business with more than 10 years of experience. Ohio home inspectors can also assess your home security system, energy efficiency, and asbestos levels. A Step Up specializes in residential inspections, but inspectors can evaluate your commercial property as well.

A Step Up’s unique services include water wall inspections and windstorm mitigation inspections. An inspector can see how your home withstands high winds from tornadoes and thunderstorms. They can give you advice on what storm windows you need to install and how you can prepare a safe room.

Green Planet Conservation LLC | Best Green Inspectors in Akron

Green Planet has more than a decade of experience in home inspection and energy conservation. Inspectors conduct energy audits in addition to home inspections. An audit lets you see where air is leaking out of your home, letting you install insulation, so you spend less money on heating your property. You may be able to reduce your energy costs by up to 50% after an audit.

Green Planet’s inspectors create in-depth reports with photographs and recommendations for repairs and renovations. You can also ask an inspector to examine your home for lead and radon gas.

Akron OH Home Inspection FAQs

How much is a home inspection in Akron Ohio?

Costs can vary depending on what type of home you have and how big your property is. But a basic inspection can cost less than $200.

What does a home inspector do?

A home inspector evaluates a property for safety and structural issues. They can check for mold, pests, and toxins like radon gas. They can also recommend repairs that can help you save money on your energy bills and make your home seem like new.

What are the biggest red flags in an Akron home inspection?

Damage to your foundation is a major red flag, as your home can collapse at any moment. Damage to your roof and walls can also cause leaks and collapses, especially during storms.

Map of Home Inspectors in Akron Ohio

Use this map to find out where the best home inspectors in Akron Ohio are!

Buying a home in Akron is a great financial investment. But you shouldn’t move in until you have had an inspection of your property. Your inspectors should have certificates, years of experience, and specialized experience in areas like energy conservation.

Need help moving in? Summit Moving provides premium Akron moving services. Get your moving quote at 330-633-3633.


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