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All sorts of daunting tasks face those who own a business, but few are as daunting as relocating an entire office. Between the multitudes of fragile equipment, furniture, and logistical issues, there’s plenty that can go wrong if a commercial move of this sort is mishandled. If you’re a business owner currently stressing over a situation like this, Summit Moving has you covered! Our five-star office moving company is ready and able to make any Cleveland office relocation, no matter the scope and size, a simple affair! Summit Moving serves all of Cleveland, the Greater Cleveland area, and the entire Cleveland metropolitan area!

Why Hire Summit Moving as Your Professional Cleveland Office Moving Company

Choosing the right office relocation company can be just as daunting as the act of moving itself. With Summit Moving, your move will be in good hands, and your business move will become a simple, quick process. The benefits of hiring Summit Moving are many. Office moving services provided by our crews will reduce stress, save time, and minimize business interruption. If you have items that must be stored for short or long lengths of time, Summit Moving also offers storage. Our team additionally provides services for packing, moving material, and ever-valuable expertise and experience, helping to keep your business, buildings, and employees safe. There are a number of different situations the right mover will handle for you, see just a few of these below:

Small Office Moves

You might be surprised by just how difficult moves for even smaller offices can be, with spaces that are often cramped and hard to navigate. A team of professionals like the team at Summit Moving will make this simple.

Large Office Relocations

With Summit Moving, even the largest Cleveland offices will be relocated with ease, keeping your furniture, equipment, and employees safe and sound.

Office Equipment Relocation

The specialized equipment of your business is often the most important and expensive portion of your office. Hiring Summit Moving will mean that your equipment will be handled with the utmost care, saving you from future repair costs.

Office Furniture Relocation & Reassembly

Summit Moving’s team can handle the relocation of any type of furniture to be found in an office, with proper safety procedures to ensure none of it is damaged.

Office Storage Services

Depending on how a commercial move unfolds, it is likely that storage of some of your office’s items may be necessary for certain periods of time. Summit Moving’s excellent storage facilities will handle that job with ease!

Office Packing Service

No matter the scale, packing can be a deceptively difficult part of the relocation process – doubly true of business moves. Let Summit Moving’s group of professionals handle this labor and tedium on your behalf.
When your office move is handled by Summit Moving, we deploy a wide variety of special tools for the job! Everything from specialized moving trucks, machine carts of various sizes, padding for floor and wall protection, specialized dollies for the many odd furniture pieces you’ll find around the office, and more. Summit Moving employs special training to handle the disassembly of cubicles, working with wiring, and other situations specific to office moves.
Need an office moving checklist? When you sign the check to Summit Moving, you can be assured that we’ll handle the most complicated parts of the transition, but being thorough with labeling, ensuring employees are responsible for their own belongings, and other steps are certain to lessen stress during the process.

Cleveland Office Relocation Tips

As may be obvious, commercial moves of this kind have quite a few complicating factors when compared to your everyday residential relocation. A relocation of a business will need to be announced well in advance to employees – here’s a handy office move announcement template that will work great for that! Labeling is vitally important when it comes to commercial office moving – be sure to take a look at these free printable labels for your boxes! Finally, every dollar spent is valuable, so it might be prudent to see if your business can capitalize on such a move – this article may provide some useful pointers in that regard.

How to Estimate a Cleveland Office Move

Prices are not static for most moves, and this is especially true for office relocation services. To properly estimate your final bill, you’ll need to keep in mind a number of factors.

For commercial moves, the primary factors that will influence the final price include, but are not limited to, the volume of items being relocated, the distance the move is taking place over, how easy it is to access the office or business, office furniture disassembly (and reassembly), special preparations for your location, number of crew members required, and type of interior items being moved, as well as other less substantial factors.

With Summit Moving, your office relocation service will never be too expensive. We pride ourselves on providing great service at affordable prices! 

Choosing the Best Cleveland Office Movers

Despite the numerous benefits employing a professional office relocation team can bring to a move, we know that it can be daunting to put your trust in a company to handle it for you. Summit Moving recommends the following steps to make sure your Cleveland office relocation is handled by only the most professional office relocation service team:

First and foremost, check Yelp and Google reviews of any moving company you’re considering, and compare them to others in the Cleveland area. You should also check statistics relevant to your situation, such as how long they’ve been in the business, how many moves they’ve undertaken (be sure to look for commercial moves specifically!), and their claims rate. Check that their licensing and insurance is all in order, whether they have the right equipment for an office move, and what their customer service is like. Following these steps, you’ll find the right company for you in no time! 

As you’ve ended up here, you’ve no doubt realized that Summit Moving has the training, staff, and know-how to handle any sort of commercial relocation with ease! Our reviews speak highly of our staff and professionalism!

We serve a large area, too! Summit Moving’s service area includes all of Cleveland, the Great Cleveland area, and the entire Cleveland metropolitan area!

Relocating an office is a process that requires care and professionalism – we are one of the top Cleveland office moving companies; there’s no company that can compare with the professional conduct and high ratings of the team at Summit Moving! Contact us at 216-641-6677 or fill out our online form for a free quote!