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Plan Your Move Successfully!

Here are some great tips to make your move a success!

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Prepare for a Successful Move Day!

First, we want to thank you for trusting Summit with your move! We will help you every step of the way.

The secret to a successful move is preparation on both sides – you can rest assured that we will have trained professionals with proper equipment showing up on move day. But what can you do in order to make the move go as smooth as possible? Here are some tips:

Packing Before Your Move Day

What You Must Pack and Transport Yourself

You must pack and transport all valuables, financial documents, money, jewelry, medicines, and hazardous materials. If this is a problem for you please contact your sales representative immediately.

Finish Packing BEFORE Your Move Date. 

If you do not think you will be ready for your scheduled move date, call us and we can provide additional packing services!

How Your Items Should Be Packed

  1. HEAVY ITEMS go in small boxes.
  2. DO NOT OVERPACK boxes and make sure that they are taped closed. This includes totes! Need Boxes & Supplies?
  3. LABEL BOXES CLEARLY. Label top and sides of boxes to where it will be going in your new home. For example, master bedroom, kitchen, family room. Color coded labels work very well!
  4. DO NOT USE plastic bags or garbage bags. Use of bags for packing limits how well we can pack your items in our trucks and does not properly protect your belongings.
  5. DO NOT USE boxes without tops. 
  6. DO NOT PACK with small boxes, generally under 12”x12”x12”.
  7. LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF LOOSE MATERIALS and small, shoebox sized boxes. These items do not pack well in our truck and take much longer to handle. Call your sales representative for ideas and support on how to prepare!

Your Items

  1. Identify any delicate, expensive or previously damaged items to our crew when they arrive.
  2. Pressboard and IKEA-type furniture: This furniture is designed to be assembled once and kept in place. We will make a best effort to move this type of furniture but cannot guarantee structural integrity after the move.
  3. Certain exercise equipment and pool tables may need to be disassembled by a third party prior to your move day.

Your TV, Electronics & Appliances

  1. Remove TVs from the wall before your move day.
  2. All TVs must be in their original boxes, or in boxes sold/rented by Summit Moving. We accept no liability for moving TVs that are not properly boxed and protected.
  3. DISCONNECT WATER LINES for refrigerators, freezers and washers.
  4. DISCONNECT GAS LINES for dryers and grills.

Logistical Planning at Your Old and New Home

  1. Clearly mark any items that ARE NOT being moved.
  2. Moving during inclement weather? All snow and ice must be removed prior to our crews arriving. We reserve the right to delay a move due to unsafe conditions. We take all appropriate actions to protect your home while moving during rain or snow, but you can expect that some water and snow may be tracked into your home. We cannot remove our shoes in your home, this creates a dangerous slipping risk to our crews.
  3. If you do not have a finished driveway and walkway at your new home we need to know well before the move.  Please note that we cannot park our large and heavy trucks on driveways that are not at least 60 days old.
  4. If you have newly carpeted or finished floors let us know.

As always, we are available to Help You Every Step of the Way!℠ Please contact your salesperson with any questions.