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Valuation Protection – Residential Moves

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Summit Moving has great confidence in our crews’ training. Our crews are instructed to properly protect your home and your belongings. Unfortunately, moving is a technically difficult service and we cannot always control the environment (rain, snow, and wind), the move conditions (tight quarters, customized furniture, items with pre-existing damage) or the actions of others. Accidents do happen. We want to make sure you’re covered and offer a range of valuation protection options to calm your mind on moving day.

You make the decision how to value your belongings.

Your salesperson and moving crew will ask you to place a value on your possessions at the beginning of the move. You will indicate your choice in writing on our Bill of Lading, the contractual agreement between you and Summit Moving. The purpose of this documentation is that we both clearly understand the valuation choices that you may make. Our liability for loss or damage is governed by your choice of valuation. You have two options to protect your belongings during our service.

Valuation Options

Full Replacement Value Protection

This is the most comprehensive option to cover repairs, replacement, or full reimbursement with no depreciation, after your deductible. If damage does occur, we have the option of repairing the items, replacing it with a similar item, or make a cash settlement depending upon the valuation protection you have chosen, and the proof of value you have provided. Your salesperson can provide you with a quote.

Minimal Protection – $0.60 per pound per article.

This is the minimum coverage required by law and is provided free of charge. If your goods are damaged or lost, the mover’s maximum liability is 60 cents per pound per article.

Examples of the Valuation Choices in Practice

Assume a 100-pound television is damaged or lost during the move. If you choose full replacement value protection, we would be obligated to repair, replace, or provide an appropriate cash settlement after application of the deductible. If you choose the $0.60 per pound minimal valuation coverage, we would be liable up to $60.00 ($0.60 x 100 lbs).

Your Goods in Our Storage

Your items are automatically covered at $0.60 per pound per article ($2,000.00 maximum).  However, if you chose Full Replacement Value Protection for your move, the same coverage will automatically be applied while your goods remain in storage. Additional charges will apply for the valuation coverage during the storage period. Your salesperson will provide a cost estimate for this coverage.

Items of Extraordinary Value

Many of our customers have made substantial investments in their belongings or have valuable collectible items. If you choose the Full Replacement Value Protection option, you must also notify Summit Moving if any of your items have a value in excess of $100 per pound. You do this by preparing a copy of the “Declaration of Items of Extraordinary Value.” This applies to individual items or the contents of boxes up to $5,000.00. A copy of this declaration should be given to our representative. Our liability for loss of or damage to any article valued in excess of $5,000 will be limited to 60 cents per pound per article, unless you specifically identify such articles on the extraordinary value declaration. It is your responsibility to study these provisions and to make the necessary declaration.

> Summit Moving & Storage Form: Items of Extraordinary Value Inventory (PDF)

Our Limits to Liability

In these situations, your liability plan may be limited or terminated:

When you pack your own boxes – We cannot verify the contents’ condition or if the client used correct packing techniques. In the event that a box packed by a client is misplaced or lost during transit or storage, our maximum liability would be $85 per missing carton as we cannot verify the carton’s contents. Contents of boxes with external signs of damage or mishandling and contents of all boxes packed by our crew are fully covered by the valuation option you select.

Your goods delivered to public storage facility – our liability will terminate upon delivery to the unit. The shipment must be inspected at the time of delivery to the storage unit in the presence of the driver, and any loss or damage must be recorded in the “Exceptions” column of the carrier’s original inventory or on the Bill of Lading at the time of unloading. Claims made after items have been moved into public storage will be denied.