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Summit County, OH School Districts 🏫👨‍🏫 | What are the Best Schools in Summit County?

The area of Summit County, OH is known for being the fourth most populous county in the state. It was established in March 1840 and is mostly made up of urban communities, except for the county seat of Akron. The region was named “Summit County” since it has the highest elevation along the Ohio and Erie Canal.

Summit County has a population of 541,013 residents with a median age of 41 years old. There are approximately 124,432 kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old living in the county.

For anyone who is considering moving to this area, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of safe cities, top-rated things to do, and reputable schools. As you look at local school districts in Summit County, you can determine which one will best fit your needs and offer the top programs. This may be based on anything from test performance scores and class sizes to their gifted programs or college curriculum.

School Districts in Summit County, OH

1. Hudson City School District | Hudson, OH

Taking the top spot among the best school districts in Summit County is the well-known Hudson City School District. Founded in 1919, it is made up of six schools and hosts about 4,649 students.

The top high school in Summit County is Hudson High School, which also stands as the 10th best school in the entire state. It is a Straight A Ohio High School and a National Blue Ribbon Award Winner. The district’s best elementary school is East Woods Elementary School.

An impressive 97% of students in this Hudson City School District end up attending four-year colleges after they graduate. The district has a reading proficiency of 90% and math proficiency of 88%.

The city of Hudson is ranked as the #1 safest city in Summit County, offering a great lifestyle for its residents. People living in the area make a median household income of $134,963 per year, which places it among the top 10 wealthiest cities in Ohio. With neat places to visit like Sarah’s Vineyard nearby, it’s easy to see why more people are moving here.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 16:1
  • College readiness: 65.4
  • Graduation rate: 96.3%

2. Copley-Fairlawn City School District | Copley, OH

Home to around 2,818 students within its five schools, the Copley-Fairlawn City School District is one of the top school districts in the Summit County area. The district was founded in 1970 and has grown into a great place to receive early education.

Copley High School is the best high school in the area and ranks among the top 75 in the state of Ohio. They offer college courses and have programs for gifted students such as AP classes.

The most reputable elementary programs can be found at Arrowhead Primary Elementary School. Between the district’s handful of campuses, their average reading proficiency is 85%, while their math proficiency is 83%.

The median household income in Copley is $92,705 per year and the average price of a home is $219,900. One of the top attractions in the area is the local Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 16:1
  • College readiness: 26.4
  • Graduation rate: 93.7%

3. Twinsburg City School District | Twinsburg, OH

Established back in 1959, the Twinsburg City School District offers some of the best public schools in Summit County. Within the city of Twinsburg, the district serves more than 4,191 students. 

Made up of five total schools, the top-rated high school is Twinsburg High school, ranking among the 50 best in the state. They offer one of the highest college readiness scores in Summit County and give students access to a variety of secondary education courses. Samuel Bissell Elementary School is the best campus for children up to 8th grade.

Local schools in the Twinsburg City School District offer strong educational systems that average an 85% reading proficiency and an 80% math proficiency.

Twinsburg is the third safest city in Summit County, making it a nice place to call home with fun things to do nearby at destinations like Brandywine Falls.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 20:1
  • College readiness: 46.3
  • Graduation rate: 97.5%

4. Revere Local School District | Richfield, OH

In the area of Richfield, over 2,770 students are split between the four Summit County schools in the Revere Local School District. It was set up during the 1950s and features trusted campuses like Revere High School and Bath Elementary School.

Students at school districts in Summit County, OH

Great test scores and high-level education come standard within this district as they offer both reading proficiency and math proficiency at an average of 88%.

As a fairly affluent community, the median household income in Richfield is $92,243 per year. The median home price in the area is $240,300. One of the top places to visit around town is Hale Farm & Village.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 18:1
  • College readiness: 40.5
  • Graduation rate: 95.6%

5. Nordonia Hills City School District | Northfield, OH

Located near the small and safe one-square-mile community of Northfield, the Nordonia Hills City School District has some of the best schools in Summit County. These locations provide an education to over 3,605 students across six schools.

Nordonia High School is considered one of the top 100 schools in Ohio thanks to its college-level systems and gifted programs. Before getting to high school, local students can attend the reputable Ledgeview Elementary School. Between the six schools in this district, they boast a reading proficiency level of 83% and math proficiency of 79%.

Northfield is a great to place to live, known for its safe neighborhoods and median household income of $65,375 per year.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 18:1
  • College readiness: 32.7
  • Graduation rate: 96.3%

6. Green Local School District | Uniontown, OH

In the Green Local School District located in Uniontown, their motto is “Be safe, be kind, be responsible”. Those are only of the standards they teach the 4,209 children who are students within their five schools.

The average reading proficiency in this Summit County school district is 82%, while the math proficiency is 83%. Top-rated schools in the area include Green Intermediate Elementary School and Green High School, which is among the top 80 Ohio high schools.

Uniontown has plenty to offer its residents thanks to the local school system, pleasant neighborhoods, and neat attractions like the Portage Lakes State Park. The local median household income is $66,842 per year.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 17:1
  • College readiness: 25.1
  • Graduation rate: 95.4%

7. Woodridge Local School District | Peninsula, OH

The Woodridge Local School District cares for about 1,918 students between kindergarten and 12th grade. They only host three schools, which include Woodridge High School, Woodridge Middle School, and Woodridge Elementary School.

In the Woodridge Local School District, their schools have an average reading proficiency of 69% and math proficiency of around 63%.

Located in Peninsula, OH, people residing in this district have access to plenty of exciting things to do like Boston Mills Ski Area and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The local median household income is $106,250 per year, making it a fairly affluent city. The average home price for those looking to buy is $304,200.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 16:1
  • College readiness: 22.8
  • Graduation rate: 96%

8. Tallmadge City School District | Tallmadge, OH

Established in the late 1800s, the Tallmadge City School District is one of the oldest school districts in Summit County, OH. It hosts four individual schools and caters to more than 2,467 children in the area.

High school students at lockers

The highly-rated Tallmadge High School is ranked among the top 8% of high schools across the entire nation. It boasts a college curriculum and a handful of gifted opportunities for students who excel. Their reading proficiency is 70% and their math proficiency is 75% on average.

Among the top 10 safest cities in Summit County, there are many benefits of living in Tallmadge. It is an affordable place to live with median home prices of around $172,900 for an average-size property.

  • Student-to-teacher ratio: 20:1
  • College readiness: 39.8
  • Graduation rate: 96.7%

Best Private Schools in Summit County

For parents who would like to send their kids to local private schools in Summit County, the best options around the area include:

Top Private Elementary Schools

Top Private High Schools

FAQs about Summit County School Districts

Does Summit County have good schools?

The area of Summit County is home to plenty of trusted school districts, which host reputable elementary schools and highly-rated high school programs.

What is the best school district in Summit County?

The Hudson City School District in Hudson, OH ranks as the top-rated school district in Summit County.

What is the best high school in Summit County, OH?

The top high school in Summit County is Hudson High School, which is part of the Hudson City School District. It is also ranked as the 10th best high school in Ohio.

Get Your Kids into the Best Schools in Summit County, OH

It’s easy to discover a wide range of trustworthy school districts in Summit County that will provide your children with a good education from start to finish. For anyone who is researching Summit County schools before moving to the area, turn to the team at Summit Moving & Storage for assistance with your relocation! Contact us today at (330) 633-3633 or complete the Request a Quote form for a free moving estimate!


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