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Moving to & Living in Hudson, OH

Thinking of Moving to Hudson, OH 🚚 ? | ULTIMATE Living in Hudson Guide

Last Updated on: 24th August 2021, 06:50 am

About 15 miles northeast of Akron is the pleasant city of Hudson, OH. As a beautiful place to live, Hudson is bordered by Aurora, Cuyahoga Falls, Macedonia, Stow, and Streetsboro.

Hudson was named after its founder, David Hudson, who was a successful American businessman. The area was settled in 1799 and was eventually incorporated as a census-designated place in 1837. It wasn’t until more than 150 years later that Hudson was finally given city status in 1994.

The city is known for the Hudson Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places due to its role as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

The area of Hudson has been home to notable people such as the slavery abolitionist John Brown and famous industrialist James Ellsworth. It has also generated some popular NFL football players like Bill Nagy, Dante Lavelli, and Ben Gedeon.

1. People of Hudson, OH – Population & Demographics

How many people live in Hudson? There was major growth in the area during the 1990s with more than 17,000 newcomers relocating to Hudson during that decade. The present Hudson population is 22,263 with a median age of 46 years old.

Hudson demographics are split between 90% Caucasian, 4% Asian, 3% Hispanic or Latino, and 1% Black or African American. The Hudson gender ratio is in favor of women with about 52% female and 48% male. The median household income in Hudson is $134,963, more than twice the national average.

2. Things to Do in Hudson

As one of the best things to do in Hudson, the Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a local destination for fitness programs, dodgeball tournaments, or simply freestyle bouncing. It’s a can’t miss thing to do in Hudson for kids and adults alike.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park, 6217 Chittenden Rd, Hudson, OH 44236  (234) 249-3030

One of the top places to visit in Hudson is the Hudson Haunted House, which has been running for more than 50 years. This popular Hudson attraction gives its visitors a thrilling scare while also donating a portion of their funds to charitable organizations across the country. Since the year 1970, they have contributed more than $1.9 million to these causes.

Hudson Haunted House

Hudson Haunted House, 2250 Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236  (330) 697-1279

Additional Major Hudson Attractions

3. Hudson Restaurants

Of the top restaurants in Hudson, few are as highly-rated as Yours Truly. The relaxed setting offers American comfort food and a great selection of refreshing drinks. Seen by locals as one of the best restaurants in Hudson, you can enjoy their menu of sandwiches, melts, omelets, burgers, grilled chicken, and more.

Yours Truly Hudson

Yours Truly Hudson, 36 S Main St, Hudson, OH 44236  (330) 656-2900

One of the best places to eat in Hudson is The Brew Kettle, a laidback diner with delicious items to choose from. With a menu of craft beers, soups, meatloaf, chicken fingers, fish and chips, burritos, ribs, and sandwiches, your mouth will be watering as soon as you walk through the front door.

The Brew Kettle Hudson


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The Brew Kettle Hudson, 11 Atterbury Boulevard Suite 1,2, & 3, Hudson, OH 44236  (234) 284-2955

4. Cost of Living in Hudson, OH

How much does it cost to live in Hudson, OH? The average cost of living in Hudson is about 7% higher than the national average and about 25% higher than the Ohio average. The Hudson real estate market has the largest impact on local living costs as housing prices are about 83% higher than averages across the state.

Even with the higher pricing for houses, the homeownership rate in Hudson is 86.7%. Hudson, OH homes for sale typically require an average down payment of 15% and go for a median sale price of $145 per square foot. The average price of a home in Hudson is about $445,000.

The Hudson property tax rate is based on Summit County numbers at a rate of 1.810%. This means a home sold for $445,000 will require about $8,055 per year in property taxes.

The average price of rent in Hudson is $1,560 per month, which has increased by 14% in the last year. Your monthly Hudson rent will vary based on where you live and the nearby amenities.

5. Hudson Neighborhoods

Hudson has been ranked as the 11th safest city in Ohio thanks to the minimal crime in the city. The crime rate in Hudson is 78% lower than the U.S. average with only a 1 in 182 chance of becoming a victim of crime. This places Hudson, OH among the top 10% of the safest places to live in the entire United States.

Hudson, OH on a Map


Where should I live in Hudson? You can’t go wrong as you look through the many beautiful local communities around town. The best Hudson neighborhoods are:

The city of Hudson spans 25.88 square miles along the northeastern border of Summit County. Hudson zip codes are 44224 and 44236. Anyone relocating to Hudson will have a local area code of 330 for their new phone number.

There is more than enough convenient shopping in Hudson to keep residents happy with locations like Heinen’s Grocery Store, CVS, Joann’s Fabric Store, and the Hudson Plaza Shopping Center.

6. Hudson Schools

There are 6,233 kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old residing in Hudson. This adds up to 28% of the population, making Hudson an excellent place for families to live.

Most young students attend programs within the Hudson City School District. The top Hudson schools include:

  • Mcdowell Elementary School
  • East Woods Elementary School
  • Hudson Middle School
  • Hudson High School (ranked 13th best high school in Ohio)
  • in Ohio High Schools

When it comes to local colleges and universities near Hudson, the Ohio University College is located about 10 miles away in Northfield.

7. Jobs in Hudson

The average salary in Hudson is $59,000. Ohio state income tax rates range between 0% to 4.797% based on your annual income. The Hudson unemployment rate is 4.6%.

Local Hudson jobs can easily be found within the city’s borders or close by in neighboring cities. The best places to work in Hudson are:

The average commute from Hudson to Akron covers about 15 miles, which takes around 20 minutes both ways.

The average commute from Hudson to Cleveland covers 30 miles, taking about 40 minutes in both directions.

8. Hudson, OH Weather

The Hudson climate is considered humid continental for its proximity to Akron and the wet weather it gets throughout the year. Hudson weather ranges from freezing, snowy winters to mildly warm, muggy summers.

Safe neighborhoods in Hudson, OH

The average temperature in Hudson during colder months is between the low 20s and mid-30s. During summer, the temperatures rise to between the low 60s and low 80s. Hudson gets 38 inches of rain and 52 inches of snow on average per year.

Living in Hudson Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Reside in one of the safest cities across the entire state of Ohio.
  • Pro: Wonderful city to raise a family thanks to good schools and comfortable communities.
  • Con: The nice amenities and beautiful neighborhood make for a higher cost of living in Hudson.

Moving to Hudson, OH

Now that you know all the best reasons to move to Hudson, are you ready to call this great city your home? If you need a mover, reach out to our top-rated Hudson moving company to see what Summit Moving & Storage can do for you! Call today at (330) 633-3633 or fill out the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!


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