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living in Shaker Heights, OH

Moving to Shaker Heights OH [2024] | 🏆 COMPLETE Living in Shaker Heights Guide

Last Updated on: 1st May 2023, 10:43 pm

Shaker Heights is one of the older suburbs of Cleveland and was incorporated in 1912. The city has many good shops and restaurants to choose from. The neighbors are very welcoming and friendly, making Shaker Heights a great place for families. It was even a finalist for the All-America City Award in 1989. Shaker Heights is known for a great quality of life, historic architecture, beautiful tree-lined streets and parks, and nationally recognized schools. The city also has a good public transportation system and a growing job market. With a number of lakes, parklands, and playgrounds, there is plenty of opportunity for outdoor and recreational fun for kids and families. Shaker Heights is also a bicycle-friendly community. It’s no wonder that the residents of Shaker Heights take pride in their community. Shaker Heights has been featured in the TV series How I Met Your Mother as the birthplace of the main character, Ted Mosby. Notable people from Shaker Heights include actor Paul Newman and the rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Shaker Heights, OH Population & Demographics

Shaker Heights has a population of 27,387. Shaker Heights’ population is 55.9% female and 44.1% male. The city is diverse with the 5 largest ethnic groups in Shaker Heights being 54.6% White, 35% African American, 4.18%  Asian, 3.58% mixed races, and 1.77% White Hispanic. The median age in Shaker Heights is 40, which means many young families live in Shaker Heights. As high as 65.4% of Shaker Heights residents have attained higher education beyond high school and 40% beyond a bachelor’s degree, so there are many talented workers in the area. Fortunately, you can feel very safe in your community since Shaker Heights’ crime rate is 59% lower than the national average! The Shaker Heights Police Department is internationally accredited and has 64 sworn officers.

Shaker Heights Cost of Living

The cost of living in Shaker Heights is very similar to the national average. The Shaker Heights cost of living is 4% higher than the national average. The cost of housing in Shaker Heights is 11% over the national average, which contributes to the slightly high overall cost of living. Utilities in Shaker Heights are 5% lower than the average in the U.S. Transportation costs are the same as the national average.

The majority of Shaker Heights residents own their homes. The homeownership rate in Shaker Heights is 63.1%. The housing market in Shaker Heights is considered to be somewhat competitive. On average, homes sell for about 3% above list price within 24 days. The median price of a home in Shaker Heights is $241,000. The cost of homes in Shaker Heights is increasing steadily by 4.1%, so it’s a good idea to buy your home there now before prices continue to rise! Check out the many beautiful homes for sale in Shaker Heights, OH.

About 26.9% of Shaker Heights residents rent instead of owning a home. The average rent in Shaker Heights is $1,399 for a 999 square foot apartment. The rent trends in Shaker Heights are projected to rise 8% in the next year!

Shaker Heights, OH Neighborhoods

The most popular neighborhoods in Shaker Heights are Fernway, Ludlow, and Mercer. Fernway has a quiet, small-town feel that attracts mostly young families. You have a variety of home styles to choose from, lots of local amenities, nearby shops and restaurants, and a duck pond. Ludlow is a historic center in Shaker Heights and is the oldest neighborhood in the city. Residents enjoy the beautiful architecture and a bustling farmer’s market. The homes in Mercer sit on large plots of land, and the neighborhood offers commuters easy access to downtown Shaker Heights and Cleveland.

Shaker Heights, OH Weather

Shaker Heights has a humid continental climate characterized by large seasonal temperature differences. Summers are warm to hot and mostly humid, and winters are cold and can be severely cold at times. The average temperatures in summer are a high of 81.6°F to a low of 62°F. In winter, the highs average 40°F and the lows 20°F. Shaker Heights has fairly consistent precipitation year-round with 42 inches of rain and 75 inches of snow, which is well above the national average of 27.8 inches. Shaker Heights has plenty of ski and snowboarding resorts nearby for those residents who love to take advantage of all the winter snow.

Things to Do in Shaker Heights

Shaker Heights has something exciting to do for every age and taste. Check out Shaker Heights’ top attractions below:

The Shaker Historical Society

The Shaker Historical Society was established in 1947 to preserve the significant history in the region. The society consists of a mansion dating back to 1910, which is set on the grounds of an apple orchard and vegetable garden. Visitors can walk through the museum, access the public research library and archives, view the art gallery, and pick up a souvenir at the local gift shop.

16740 South Park Blvd, Shaker Heights, OH 44120, (216) 921.1201

Shaker Rocks

Shaker Rocks is a great place for families, serious climbers, and new adventurers to have fun, climb, shop, and eat. Shaker Rocks has a close relationship with the district school system, providing students with opportunities to experience the joys of climbing where they learn determination, a strong work ethic, physical and mental fitness, and community building.

3377 Warrensville Center Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44122, (216) 848-0460

Additional Things to do in and around Shaker Heights

The City of Shaker Heights is committed to providing quality parks for all its residents. Shaker Heights currently has many parks that offer a variety of amenities, including picnic tables, athletic fields, paved trails, pools, and more. Shaker Heights also offers some convenient shopping, including The Van Aken District and Shaker Towne Centre.

Shaker Heights Restaurants

Shaker Heights has plenty of good dining options to choose from, so we’ve listed the top-rated restaurants in Shaker Heights for you to try out below:

Kindred Spirit

At Kindred Spirit, you’ll find a West Coast-inspired Mediterranean menu in a casual, upscale dining environment. Kindred Spirit offers brunch and dinner. You’ll find something for every taste, including chicken and waffles, crab cake benedict, miso-glazed salmon, and garden city lasagna. Try out the “sharables” as well like short rib hummus, tuna ceviche, and BBQ lamb.

3396 Tuttle Rd Shaker Heights, OH 44122, (216) 860-0410

Lox, Stock and Brisket

Lox, Stock and Brisket is a Jewish deli that infuses Old World traditions with a modern twist. Try the matzo ball soup or the lox platter with house pickles. The specialty sandwiches include brisket, smoked turkey, lox, tuna salad, and a breaded chicken schnitzel. Besides soup and sandwiches, you can also order breakfast sandwiches like the smoked brisket, scrambled egg, and cheddar bagel.

3441 Tuttle Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44122, (216) 471-8175

Map of Shaker Heights, OH

Browse through this Shaker Heights map for things to do, places to eat, stores to check out, and more!

Shaker Heights Statistics & Information

Shaker Heights is located in Cuyahoga County. The area code for Shaker Heights is 216. Shaker Heights’ zip codes are 44118, 44120, and 44122. The elevation of Shaker Heights is 1,050 feet. Shaker Heights is in the Eastern Time Zone. Shaker Heights is 6.33 square miles in area.

Jobs in Shaker Heights, OH

The median household income in Shaker Heights is $87,235, which is a 4.57% growth from last year! The city currently employs 13,412 residents. The largest industries in Shaker Heights are healthcare & social assistance, educational services, and professional, scientific, & technical services. The highest paying jobs found in Shaker Heights are in wholesale trade, professional, scientific, & technical Services, and finance & insurance. Fortunately, only 8.47% of Shaker Heights’ population lives below the poverty line. The group that is most impacted by poverty in Shaker Heights is females aged 25-34.

Most Shaker Heights residents have an average commute time of 21.4 minutes – about 4 minutes shorter than the national average. Some Shaker Heights residents travel a few minutes more to Cleveland to take advantage of the job opportunities there. If you’re planning to commute to Cleveland for work, you can click here for directions from Shaker Heights to Cleveland, which is 25 minutes away. 

Schools in Shaker Heights, OH

Those moving to Shaker Heights will have the choice from some of the best educational resources and services out there. The most popular schools in Shaker Heights are Boulevard Elementary, Shaker Heights Middle, Shaker Heights High, and Fernway Elementary. All of these schools are highly rated for their student’s academic achievement and diverse environment. High school graduation rates are 6% higher in Shaker Heights than the state average, and 90% of Shaker Heights high school graduates attend college! Many of them take advantage of the free Shaker Heights Public Library.

Living in Shaker Heights Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Arts and culture
  • Pro: Attractive neighborhoods
  • Con: Cloudy, wet climate

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