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What’s Living in Green OH Like? | 🤷 Is Moving to Green OH a Good Idea?

Last Updated on: 24th August 2021, 06:49 am

Just south of Cleveland is the beautiful city of Green, OH. Green is known as one of the best places to raise a family in Summit County. Green offers its residents a safe place with awesome public schools in the area. The city is almost 200 years old and started off as a small town that only consisted of 34 square miles of farmland. The area was filled with vegetation, which led to the name “Green.” While the local economy gradually shifted from farming to businesses and manufacturing, more people moved to Green for the new job opportunities. Ever since then, people living in Green experience a more suburban feel with fun shops and parks to visit nearby. Famous people in Greene include author Rachel Cargle and professional baseball player David Lough.

Green, OH  Population & Demographics

There are currently 25,758 people living in Green with a slight population growth of .066%. The racial demographics in Green are 93.8% White, 1.88% Asian, 1.76% mixed races, 1.41% African American, and .493% Hispanic. The median household salary in Green is $74,167, which is a 4.89% growth from last year. For every 100 females, there are 97.6 males. The median age in Green is 42, however, young adults and retirees make up most of the residents in the area. People living in Green feel fairly safe since the crime rates are 26% lower than the national average.

The area code in Green is 330. Green’s zip codes are 44216, 44232, 44312, 44319, 44685, and 44720. Those living in Green will be located in Summit County.

Green Cost of Living

Living in Green is fairly affordable when you’re comparing the cost of living to the national average. Green is 13% cheaper to live than the national average. However, the city is 5% more expensive to reside in than the rest of Ohio. Green’s housing market is mainly to be credited for this. Housing in Green is 23% more costly than the Ohio average. The housing market in Green is very competitive, with homes being sold within 27 days. The average price of a house in Green is $215,000 or $125 per square foot. Luckily, most homes in Green are being sold for 1% under the original asking price, so now is a great time to buy one of the many homes for sale in Green, OH! The homeownership rate in Green is 66.9%, so there are still plenty of people looking to rent. If you’re interested in renting, the average rent in Green is around $769 per month. The rent trends in Green have increased by 11% for one and two-bedroom apartments and are projected to rise in the next coming months.

While Green’s housing costs can be stressful, there are other essentials that are fairly inexpensive. Health care in Green is 4% cheaper than the Ohio average and utilities are 8% less expensive than the rest of Ohio. For other common items, you can expect to pay around these prices:

Green OH Cost of Items (Everyday Expenses)

  • Meal at a restaurant: $15.00
  • Fast food meal: $8.00
  • Gallon of milk: $2.45
  • Gallon of gas: $2.40
  • Internet: $61.75

Green, OH Neighborhoods

Those relocating to Green have plenty of great neighborhoods that are safe and affordable to choose from. The most popular Green neighborhoods are Hyde Park Estates, Kings Ridge, Miller Park, and Cottage Grove. Hyde Park Estates is a smaller neighborhood with single family homes that have big front yards. Families mostly live in this neighborhood, so the paved sidewalks and parks outside make Hyde Park Estates a perfect place for younger kids to grow up! Kings Ridge is also a smaller community with bigger Cape Cod style homes. The neighborhood is lined with beautiful thick trees. Kings Ridge has a lot of families with older kids living there. Miller Park is a bigger neighborhood with hundreds of single family homes. Cottage Grove has smaller ranch style homes with mostly retirees living there.

Green, OH Weather

Green has a continental climate, so residents will experience the typical four season weather. The summers in Green are warm with an average high temperature of 80°F and low temperature of 65°F. Meanwhile, Green’s winters are pretty chilly with highs of 38°F and lows of 20°F. Green gets a fair amount of precipitation throughout the year with 38 inches of rain and 42 inches of snow. Green provides its residents the best of both worlds since it has a cold season and a warm season that allows you to enjoy the activities that comes with both, including skiing, sledding, swimming, and hiking.

Things to Do in Green, OH

Looking for something fun to do in Green? Whether you want to explore museums, spend the day outside, or go to fun shopping centers, we’ve got you covered! Check out the most popular activities in Green below:

MAPS Air Museum 

This museum features interactive exhibits, aircraft, and historical information that can take you back in time! Whether you have an hour or the whole day, this is a fun family-friendly activity in Green that will wow everyone.

2260 International Pkwy, North Canton, OH 44720, (330) 896-6332 

Boettler Park


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A post shared by Danielle (@ohnorman9)

If you’re looking to head outdoors, Boettler Park is the place to go! With a historic schoolhouse, playgrounds, sports facilities, and hiking through wetlands, this fun attraction in Green is perfect for couples and families.

5300 Massillon Rd, North Canton, OH 44720

Green also has nice shopping places nearby, including The District Boutique, The Shops Of Green, and Arlington Ridge Marketplace.

Additional Things To Do Near Green

Green, OH Restaurants

Need a delicious bite to eat in Green? We’ve discovered the highest rated Green restaurants that are praised for their food and service! Check them out below:

35 Brix 


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A post shared by 35 Brix (@35brix)

This local restaurant serves the best American dishes in the Green area with options of soups, salads, seafood, burgers, and more! There is also a neon-lit bar available that can make for a fun date night! With hundreds of raving reviews online, you won’t want to miss out on 35 Brix!

Heritage Crossing Plaza, 3875 Massillon Rd, Uniontown, OH 44685, (330)899-9200

The Twisted Olive

If you’ve been craving some authentic, yet original italian food, The Twisted Olive is the place to go! This italian restaurant is praised for their delicious pastas, salads, soups, and their dessert menu. There is also a gluten free menu, which is fantastic for anyone with allergies that may have been missing out on food just like this!

5430 Massillon Rd, North Canton, OH 44720, (330)899-0550

Jobs in Green, OH

The median household income in Green is $74,167. There are 12,417 employees in the city. The majority of jobs found in Green are in health care, retail, and manufacturing. The highest paying industries in Green are finance, real estate, and utilities. You can find Indeed jobs in Green here. Most residents have an average commute time of 21.2 minutes, which is lower than the national average. However, some people living in Green may have to travel further to bigger cities like Akron for their job. If this is the case for you, you can click here for directions from Green, OH to Akron, OH, which is 12.5 miles away.

Schools in Green, OH

One of the many reasons people decide to relocate to Green is for their excellent school districts. The most popular schools in Green are Jackson High School, Hoover High School, Jackson Memorial Middle School, and Lake Elementary School. All of these schools are complimented on their high test scores, diverse atmospheres, and access to friendly teachers. There are also some great private schools to choose from in Green, including Loving Hands Pre-School, Kids Country School, and Green Kindercare. All of these private schools are an ideal option for anyone who is looking for small classes that offer more one-on-one time with the teacher.

Living in Green Pros & Cons

  • The cost of living in Green is less than the national average
  • There are many safe, yet affordable neighborhoods to choose from
  • It can get fairly cold in Green during their winter season

Ready to relocate everything in order to call Green your new home? If so, call our top-rated Green moving company, Summit Moving! Our team members are dedicated to giving you the stress-free move you deserve.


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