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home inspectors in Cleveland

Cleveland Home Inspectors 🔍 – 6 Best Inspectors & Guide to Your Home Inspection in Cleveland, OH

Last Updated on: 5th January 2023, 05:12 am

With all the new opportunities popping up all over Cleveland, you’ve made a terrific decision to live in Cleveland Ohio. New jobs, new restaurants, improved schools – Cleveland is seeing a much needed resurgence and you can rest easy knowing you’re going to be a part of that. Even with things on the upswing, buying a house in Cleveland  can be even more stressful than the actual move itself. To help, we’re providing a list of the 6 best Cleveland home inspectors. Choosing the perfect Cleveland, OH home is just as important as choosing the best moving company we’ve included more about 7 of the best Cleveland neighborhoods. Now you can have the best of both and make this new transition stress-free and smooth. 

Cleveland Home Inspections – Tips & What to Look For

Research while looking for the best Cleveland home inspector isn’t unlike what you did when you were looking for the best moving company to serve you and your family. Finding a trusted Cleveland home inspector to complete your inspection will require online research. The premier Cleveland home inspection companies will always have the following:

  • Adequate Experience – Make sure your home inspector doesn’t just have a few years of home inspection experience. While that’s undeniably useful, it’s just as important to have a level of construction experience background as well. Former Cleveland area contractors will have the knowledge necessary to find the “hidden” issues lurking within homes. We all think about roof, foundation, pest, and plumbing experience, but air conditioning, HVAC, and heating shouldn’t be ignored!
  • Additional Advanced Training – Home inspection experience and construction experience isn’t all you should be looking for. It’s important to work with a Cleveland Ohio home inspection company that requires additional additional advanced training of their inspectors. For private inspectors, make sure they’ve got additional training such as pest identification training, certification regarding mold identification, and it’s a good idea to look for proof of construction training. Construction training can be in electrical work, plumbing, or some form of HVAC certification. Often it can be the difference between an observant home inspector making good recommendations and one that’s simply there to take your money and give you a report you want to see. It’s best to get an inspector armed with the knowledge necessary to point out what you don’t want to see. (Termite damage, plumbing issues, electrical weak points, foundation problems.)
  • Certification and Licensing – DO NOT use an unlicensed home inspector. Top tier Cleveland home inspection companies are Ohio licensed home inspectors by the American Society of Home Inspectors and recognized by the State of Ohio, which regulates the licensure and performance of home inspectors in all of Ohio. Make sure your selected Cleveland Ohio home inspector can produce proof of license and certification.
  • Insurance – Just as important as legitimate licensing, the best professionals in any service industry have insurance and can produce proof on request.

Take care using a real estate agent’s suggestion for a Ohio licensed home inspector. Since they’re often do business together, it’s not rare for a realtor to recommend an inspector. Quite honestly, the inspector is likely to be a friend of the realtor and may not have your best interests at heart. This Consumer Reports article warns about the dangers of using a realtor’s suggestion and to give yourself a better idea of what you should and shouldn’t be looking for when selecting the best Cleveland home inspection company. With all of this in mind, we have created the following list of the best 6 Ohio home inspectors in Cleveland, each of whom offers free quotes:

Detailed Home Inspections | Top Rated in all of Cleveland, OH

Detailed Home Inspections have been in business for nearly two decades. They have the top Yelp, Google, and Facebook ratings for all Cleveland home inspection companies with more than 100 reviews. They are professional Cleveland Ohio home inspectors who provide inspection services for all of NorthEast Ohio. They’re a full service Ohio state licensed, ASHI certified, multi-inspector company, providing residential, investment, and commercial inspections, including radon testing, sewer camera inspections, mold testing, termite and pest inspections, well flow rate and water potability testing. Expect options for full electrical, plumbing, roof, interior, and exterior inspections. 

Check Out Samples | 9205 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44102 | (440) 724-3198

Inspection Tech | Ohio Licensed Home Inspectors

Founded in 2005, Inspection Tech helps business owners and current and future home owners in Northern Ohio with high quality, comprehensive full-service home and business inspections. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a home or business or building a home or commercial building, our passionate and highly experienced inspectors ensure a stress-free process.

Direct Contact Form |Cleveland, OH 44113 | (440) 465-0448

Pillar to Post | Top Chain Inspectors in Cleveland

Pillar to Post is a chain inspection team. They don’t only offer home inspections but it’s certainly a major part of their business. Their reviews are just as good as the two aforementioned options but they’re backed with a whole slew of teams and locations to bounce ideas and information off of so you definitely get the best possible inspection report. The cost might be a little more than you’d expect but they have top of the line equipment, a customer service experience that rivals the best in the nation, and a next generation website.

EXPERIENCE a Sample | Book an Inspection | (888) 850-6620

General Home Inspection | Most Experienced Private Inspector

Jay has been doing Cleveland home inspections for nearly 25 years, which makes him one of the most experienced inspectors in the entire state. You can read his entire story here, but the long and short of it – he knows his stuff. Jay has a blog that he updates regularly to help the booming population and people looking to join the Cleveland community. Since he’s been around the block, he cares and he wants the best for his community. With an impressive amount of certifications and specialized trainings under his belt, Jay will be able to make sure you get a clear but thorough report on your general home inspection including septic, plumbing, and heating options.

Online Contact Form | 5719 Fleet Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105 | (216) 554-7272

Affordable Inspection Service | Best Budget Cleveland Home Inspectors

Not everybody has unlimited funds to spend on a Cleveland home inspection. That doesn’t mean they don’t want a good inspection! Sometimes unforeseen things come up and we need to decide where to save on cost. Affordable Inspection Service prides themselves on being a budget friendly option for their customers without sacrificing quality of service. If you look around, they still have impressively positive reviews with over 4 stars on Google, Yelp, and Facebook – the negatives are almost always people that are upset they couldn’t get put into the schedule on short notice because AIS is busy! If you have time and are looking for savings, we recommend them.

Online Contact Form | Pricing List | P.O. Box 45580 Cleveland, OH 44145 | (216) 341-0601

Inspection Pros | Free Drone Roof Inspection

Inspection Pros is the most technical of all on the list. They leverage technology to enhance their inspections. Drones are used to get up close and personal with roof issues but they can also use it to take a look at various other buildings and have been known to identify some areas of interest on your property as well. Utilizing top tier thermometers, pipe camperas, and pest sensors, Inspection Pros will provide you with a sample generated in their advanced software to give you a unique report you won’t get anywhere else.

Sample Inspection Report | Contact Form | (216) 650-0289

Map of Home Inspectors in Providence

Cleveland, OH Home Inspection FAQs

How Much Does a Cleveland Home Inspection Cost?

Cleveland Ohio home inspections will vary from inspector to inspector and the cost is frequently built off from what services you want to utilize. The average cost of a Cleveland home inspection ranges from $250 to $500. Don’t be afraid to get a quote before committing. 

Who Pays for a Ohio Home Inspection??

In almost all situations, the buyer pays for the home inspection.

What if the Cleveland, OH House “Fails” Inspection?

That’s where the seller usually comes in. Sellers almost always have to fix whatever caused an inspection to “fail.”  Once satisfied, buyers may proceed.

How Long Does a Cleveland Home Inspection Last?

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day to complete a thorough inspection. The report can often take another day to generate but all the people we listed know you want your inspection quickly.

We want moving to your new Cleveland, OH home to be the most rewarding decision you’ve ever made for you, your family, and/or your business. If you get the best Cleveland home inspector to complete your inspection, you won’t make a bad purchase that leaves you feeling sick, stressed, and stuck. We’re confident in this list we’ve put together for our customers. Once you’ve completed the process and you need to plan your move, get a hold of us at Summit Moving and Storage. We’ll save your back, your time, and and your money by providing you with a full service, professional Ohio licensed and insured moving experience. Give us a call at (216) 641-6677 to request a quote today; couple your stress-free Cleveland Ohio home inspection experience with a stress-free Cleveland, OH moving experience!


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