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Summit County Property Taxes

Summit County Property Tax [2024] 💰 | Guide to Summit County Ohio Property Tax [Rates, How to Pay + More]

Last Updated on: 26th April 2023, 03:02 pm

Are you thinking about moving and becoming a resident of Ohio, or are you ready to buy a house in the Buckeye State? Summit County has plenty of great schools and is a family-friendly community. When you decide to purchase a house, it’s an exciting yet stressful period, as you’ll want to learn everything you can about the process of being a property owner. One of the main aspects that can be overwhelming when being a homeowner is property taxes, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible.

To give you a better sense of property taxes in Summit County, here is a comprehensive and complete guide that shares everything from the average Summit County property tax rate, important due dates, how to pay your property taxes, and more.

Summit County Property Taxes

Property taxes started back during the 14th century in England, but it wasn’t till the 18th century that the United States adopted this method, incorporating the property tax system. In Summit County, the property taxes are unique and different for everyone city and town, but most of them will incorporate these additional taxes:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Pierce County tax rate
  • Metro Parks

In Summit County, OH, The Treasurer Division within the Fiscal office is in charge of the property taxes in the county, and they are called Fiscal Officers. According to their website, “Each of these taxing authorities are responsible for putting their own levies on the ballot for the voters to approve.”

To help ensure that each district and city stays within the levied tax rate (they are different for each city, so make sure you look it up before moving), the Tax Settlement & Budget Department for the Fiscal Office helps to maintain everyone stays on the right path. The Fiscal Office in the Treasury Department handles everything surrounding the collection of property taxes in Summit County. The Auditor Division handles assessing the property value.

Summit County does provide a breakdown of the different cities, districts, and towns in a public tax rate sheet.

Summit Tax County Treasurer & Fiscal Officer

Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE, is the Fiscal Officer and in charge of the division.

When it comes to the duties of the Fiscal Office, some examples of the duties include: keeping the taxes safe, investing any funds that were undisbursed, working with the investment board, working with the community who doesn’t feel like their property tax rate is right, collecting the property taxes, and helping to approve the spending levies for the different areas in the county.

They handle 74 districts which comes to around 270,000 tax bills per collection.

Summit Property Tax Treasurer

Summit Tax County Assessor/Auditor

As the Chief Fiscal Officer, Kristen M. Scalise is also known as the “Chief Assessor, Sealer of Weights and Measures, and the Chief Payroll Officer.” The assessor division helps to determine the assessed value of homes and other properties, review permits, maintain the county tax rolls, send out the tax pills, make sure that the rightful exemptions are applied, and handle any assessment appeals. Plus, they handle the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

Summit Property Tax Auditor/Assessor-Auditor Division

Summit Property Tax Rate

The property tax rate in Summit County is determined by assessed values. Each city, village, and district has to create its own budget and submit it to the local Fiscal Officer’s office—- helping to ensure everyone stays on budget and doesn’t go over the set tax rate. To determine the assessed value in Summit County, take the market value of your home, and multiply it by 35% (assessment ratio).

For example, let’s say the market value of the home you bought is $350,000 x 35% – that means the assessed value is $122,500.

Over the past few years, the property taxes in Summit County continue to climb. And if you’re curious about your property taxes, the Fiscal Officer’s office has a free Computer Assisted Appraisal tool on their website where you can search and learn more about your address.

Akron Property Tax

The city of Akron has a total tax rate of 92.350, and here is a breakdown of the different categories that Akron, OH, taxes the residents of Akron:

  • Metro parks: 2.00
  • Library: 1.900
  • School: 63.850
  • Summit County: 14.100

It’s essential to remind you that every city, district, village, and town is different when it comes to the tax rates and levies because the local residents vote on those things – and the rates can vary based on the location.

Summit County Property Taxes by Town

There is not a set levy limit for the county and each city will determine their own levy, but there is a set county tax rate when it comes to property taxes, and it’s 14.100. A few of the additional categories that can influence the property tax rate includes:

  • Library
  • School
  • JVSD
  • TWP
  • Special districts
  • CORP
  • Metro parks

Based on the information provided on the Summit County website, we wanted to share a breakdown of the cities and their total tax rate percentage, since each area is unique. As we mentioned, while there is a county wide base property tax rate of 14.100, each area has other additions like metro parks, library, school, JVSD, TWP, Special Districts, and CORP that can increase the total property tax rate—- hence the variety in total tax rates in the graph below based on 2022.


Summit County is a large area in Ohio, and so this is just part of the list. For the entire list of cities and towns and their total tax rate, make sure to check out Summit County’s website.

Summit County Property Tax Payments – Due Dates & How To Pay Your Tax Bill

Summit property tax due dates are split into 2 times a year. While each year’s deadline is different, it will consistently be around the following two dates. The first half of the property taxes are usually due around February 24th, and the second half of property taxes are due around July 22nd.

  • Online: You can pay your property taxes on a secure website through the county. There will be a slight fee for electronic check.
  • In Person: You can drop off your payment at the 3rd-floor office at 175 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44308.
  • Mail: You want to make sure your envelope gets postmarked by the due date, or you will be charged a 10% late fee. You will mail it to the 3rd-floor office at 175 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44308.
  • Drop Box: You can drop off your property taxes at the 4th-floor office at 175 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44308.

If you are late with your payment, you will need to contact the Fiscal Officer’s office to get the new amount that you owe to the county since there is a 10% late fee. The phone number is (888) 388-5613.

If you’re not sure what your bill means, there is an online Tax Bill explanation on the county website.

Summit County Assessor Property Search/Tax Records

Summit County has a free online property search tool that allows you to search with your address, parcel number, route, or owner name to learn more about your property and the property taxes.

And if you need the recorded documents, such as the deed to the home, you can request a copy of the records online, but there is a fee.

Summit County Assessor Property Tax Exemptions & Deferrals

It’s essential to note that the district you live in can’t receive “more tax dollars than is levied by the voters,” according to the County Website. When it comes to exemptions, the county of Summit does have a few options for the residents. While these are available to the majority of Ohio, you will always want to double-check with your local town, city, or village to make sure. Here are some of the Summit property tax exemptions.

10% Reduction

In the 1970s, the local government increased the income tax rate, so to help balance the extra costs, the state of Ohio created an exemption for every resident who is a homeowner–giving them a 10% rollback on the assessed value. Then, in addition to the 10%, in 2007, House Bill 119 expanded the exemption by an additional 2.5% for senior citizens – and income limits are no longer a barrier.

Homestead Reduction

If you have a disability or are 65+ years of age, the county of Summit offers a Homestead Reduction to help lower the property taxes. To learn more, call 330 643-2661.

Property Tax Deferrals

When it comes to property tax deferrals in Summit County, OH, there are no deferrals when it comes to property taxes, but the closest thing will be the Homestead Reduction because it’s made for seniors, people with disabilities, military veterans, and first responders and allows to exempt up to $50,000 of the value appraised on your home.

The only additional exemption for property taxes deferrals are for military individuals who are on active duty, so make sure to call the following number 330-643-2641 to put in that application.

Summit Property Tax Appeals

If you believe that your home assessment or property value isn’t correct, you can appeal by contacting the Board of Revision. You will need to submit your appeals before March 31st of the ensuing tax period. The County of Summit provides an outline of the rule and regulations for appealing your property value. To receive a form, contact the customer service department for the Board of Revision by calling 330-926-2559.

Summit Property Tax FAQ

When are property taxes due in Summit County, OH?

Summit property tax due dates are split into two times a year. While each year’s deadline is different, it will consistently be around the following two dates. The first half of the property taxes are usually due around February 24th and the second half of the property taxes are due around July 22nd.

Where can I pay my property taxes in Summit County, OH?

There are a few ways that you can pay your property taxes in Summit, like in-person, a drop box, and online, but the most common is by mail.

Summit County Fiscal Office
Attn: Treasurers Division- 3rd Floor Office
175 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44308

How can I look up property taxes in Summit County, OH?

When it comes to Summit property tax lookup, Summit County has a property tax appraisal page on their website where you can search by address, parcel number, and owner name, and then select a specific tax year.

When are property taxes mailed?

The property taxes are mailed usually a month before they are due.

With the complete information regarding how property taxes work in Summit County, Ohio, are you ready to take the next step and buy your dream home in Summit County? If so, Summit Moving is here for you! We will make your transition seamless and as stress-free as possible. Call us at 330-633-3633 for a free estimate!



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