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Moving from Cleveland to Phoenix

Moving from Cleveland to Phoenix 🌵 | 🥇 Top Cleveland to Phoenix Movers

Last Updated on: 11th August 2022, 02:50 pm

You might consider a long-distance move from Cleveland to Phoenix for many different reasons.  Perhaps you’d just like to enjoy the beautiful weather and never see snow again – especially if you’re approaching retirement age.  Maybe your family moved out west and you just want to be closer to the people you love most.  The job market in Phoenix is some of the fastest expanding in the nation – particularly in the tech industry because of its proximity to Mexico, so maybe you’re being relocated professionally.  Whatever the case may be, long distance moves can be painful and stressful as they are challenging to accept – let alone coordinate.  A good cross country moving company can make your move from Cleveland to Phoenix an exciting opportunity, rather than a stressful challenge!

What Moving to Phoenix is Like

Moving to Phoenix can be a bit of a culture shock to somebody coming from Cleveland.  From the moment you fly into the Phoenix airspace, you realize just how different the city is.  It seems to sprawl on forever across the Arizona desert as much of the city has grown outward rather than upward.  You’ll check the weather and it frequently says the high temperature will be around 100 degrees – it’s not as bad as you’d think!  It’s a dry heat with almost no humidity to speak of, which is a stark difference from Cleveland where the humidity can be crippling during the summer months.

Phoenix has a heavy latin-American/Hispanic influence.  Frequently, English is the secondary language for many residents.  Businesses will almost all have bilingual employees to satisfy Spanish speaking clientele as well as English speaking clientele.  Be ready to trade in your Cavaliers and Browns swag for Suns and Cardinals gear as the city is considered to tote some of the strongest Western-American fan bases in the NBA and NFL.

The median household income is hardly over $60,000 as of the last census and the average cost of a home is around $250,000 in Phoenix.  You can rent a reasonable 2 bedroom apartment for $1,100 a month and the school systems boast a broad range of academic talent and prowess.  Be ready for some racial diversity you may not be familiar with!

Benefits of Moving from Cleveland to Phoenix

There are many benefits of moving from Cleveland to Phoenix, here are just a few:

    • Cost of Living – It’s really pretty low.  If you’re retiring to the area, you’re making a shrewd decision as your precious dollar will make it much further in Arizona than it does in Ohio.
    • Weather –  Phoenix has no snow and nearly never ending sunshine.  While there is such a thing called “monsoon season” the storms only last a few minutes at a time.  In Ohio, we have to choose our outdoor event planning carefully since we can only do it a few months a year but in Phoenix, you can have a barbecue all year around!
    • Sports – LeBron James brought some love to the city of Cleveland a couple of times and was able to get us to taste a championship but for the most part, Cleveland has had a lackluster history when it comes to pro sports.  The Suns and the Cardinals continue to be some of the better teams in the NBA and NFL and the entire city of Phoenix is proud to fly their colors throughout the season.  Businesses have been known to close during games or the hours leading up to them!  There are some lowly but loyal Browns fans in Cleveland but you don’t find that kind of love around here, for the most part.
    • Diversity & Culture – Terrific for raising a family to be comfortable with races of all kinds, Phoenix has as many Mexican-Americans as it does caucasians.  With a number of African-Americans and Asian-Americans migrating to the area over the years, you don’t have a single prevailing race in the city.  It’s a true melting pot of both racial and religious representation and a model example for what The Land of The Free can mean.
    • Vehicles Last Seemingly Forever – Traveling around the city and the areas beyond, you’ll see a number of 40, 50, and even 60 year old cars and trucks being driven every day.  Without the salt from the winter roads and the harsh cold snow beating on the vehicles, they’re bound to last much longer so long as routine maintenance is kept up with!
    • Solar Power – Good luck trying to justify the cost of implementing a solar solution here in Cleveland.  In Phoenix, it’s more common to see buildings with solar panels adorning them than not!

Cleveland to Phoenix Movers

No matter where you’re moving to, it’s important to know exactly what a professional, interstate moving company like Summit can help you with.  A good Cleveland moving company is equipped to run a successful move by having somebody who can own the project.  A move coordinator is assigned to your move and will be in charge of the project management of your relocation.  They’ll work with you on the details like the dates, what you need to have relocated, and when you’d like your property to be in Phoenix waiting for you.  After working with the coordinator, you’ll know whether or not you need additional storage, packing assistance, help loading your property in Cleveland, help unloading your property in Phoenix, and the exact date you may need help unpacking or reassembling your appliances and furniture.

Our licensed and insured experts have the experience necessary to move your entire home or office property, furniture, and belongings from one major city to another.  It sounds complicated to you but it’s easy for us!  We assure our customers every measure of care will be taken to keep your belongings undamaged and in the same shape at the destination as they are today, before the move.  The most talented and experienced movers at Summit Moving, can offer a white-glove treatment for any fine art or decor, high dollar breakables, and fitness equipment.  We’ll be sure to adequately pack your most precious belongings for transport.

Why We’re Your Best Cleveland to Phoenix Moving Company Choice

Since we have significant experience in helping our customers with long distance moves, we’re licensed and insured, and we’ve got exemplary reviews from our customers, it makes sense that we’d be your go to option for this massive life change.  We can make sure your property and belongings are packed, moved, and unpacked in Phoenix without you having to worry about all the detail planning and manpower issues associated with that type of move.  Saving our clients money without sacrificing service and care is a specialty of ours because we want our long distance movers to look forward with excitement and not fear.

We have dependable equipment and trucks that can handle a long run over the road any time of the year.  Should you need extra materials for your move, we’d be happy to provide them; You’d be surprised how difficult it is to locate basic moving materials when you’re up packing until 2 in the morning!  We know just how hard it is to find reliable help for anything important these days so we make sure we go the extra mile for our customer base.  If moving is our specialty then customer satisfaction is a close second!

Cleveland to Phoenix Moving Cost

Long distance moving carries this false stigma that the cost is outrageous.  People seem to think they’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars to relocate and that’s simply not the case.  While every move scenario is a little different, we’re confident that you’ll be shocked at how little it actually costs to relocate your entire life.  The amount you own and need to move from one house to another in the same town doesn’t change for moving across the country, right?  That’s the bulk of your moving expense!  Other factors dictating the total cost includes when you need to move, how much material will be necessary, what kind of temporary storage expectation there is, and how much manpower is involved to make your move to Phoenix a stress-free experience so give us a call and we can get started on your free moving estimate.

Cleveland to Phoenix Distances and Travel Information

It’s up to you how you want to get to Phoenix.  Since we’re handling your property, you don’t need to worry about transporting much beyond yourself and your family.  Feel free to drive yourself from Cleveland to Phoenix, which takes roughly 30 hours to go about 2000 miles.  If you don’t want to drive, you can sell your vehicle and buy another one when you get there or ship your vehicle and meet it in Phoenix after your plane lands!  Flying is as cheap as $300 for a one way trip.  Some people are afraid of flying and don’t want to drive and for those people, we recommend traveling by train.  That takes more time and money along with some extended planning and potential hotel stays.

Relocating to Phoenix from Cleveland is no doubt going to open some new opportunities for you, your family, and your career.  The cost of living is low in Phoenix while the temperature is high!  Cleveland is going to miss you but you need to do what’s best for you and yours.  Be sure to give us a call directly at 216-641-6677 or get a free moving quote by using our website.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you start this new exciting journey!


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