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living in cleveland heights oh

Living in Cleveland Heights OH [2024] | 🎯 ULTIMATE Moving to Cleveland Heights Guide

Last Updated on: 1st May 2023, 10:39 pm

Less than 5 miles from the magnificent Lake Erie lies the incredibly safe and quiet city of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. As a part of Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Heights is one of the historical streetcar suburbs of Cleveland and is known for its lovely historical architecture, gorgeous houses, independent businesses, and its culturally, socio-economically, and ethnically–diverse community. The residents get to enjoy a perfect mix of urban and suburban environments as well as walking distance to great restaurants and lively nightlife, coffee shops, bakeries, golf, a professional theater, and 46 designated Historical landmarks. A portion of the Cleveland Heights area was acquired by the famous philanthropist, John D. Rockefeller back in 1873, whereas the city was founded as a village in 1903 and later as a city in 1921. Cleveland Heights is now the 8th largest city in the Greater Cleveland area by population and has resided notable people such as the American actress, Sean Young. Furthermore, Cleveland Heights offers excellent proximity to University Circle and downtown Cleveland while still excluding itself from the big-city chaos.

Cleveland Heights, OH Population & Demographics

Declared as a nuclear-free zone in 1987, Cleveland Heights has a population of 45,312 according to the United States Census Bureau. The median age of residents in Cleveland Heights is 35.2 whereas their homes have an average of 2.28 people per household. Cleveland Heights has a median household income of 59,086 which is slightly above the state average. There has been a 1% job increase in the last year which is positive for the 4.6% of unemployed people in Cleveland Heights.

The racial demographics in Cleveland Heights is extremely diverse with white taking up 46.8% of the population and blacks making up 39.7%. Behind them are Asians at 5.7% and Hispanics at 2.8%. The gender ratio in Cleveland Heights is 55.6% female which leaves 44.4% for the males.

In Cleveland Heights, you have a 1 in 56 chance of becoming a victim of crime– the state average is 1 in 43 according to the FBI. Additionally, Cleveland Heights has a crime rate of 1,794 per 100,000 residents which is far below the national average of 2,477. With that being said, Cleveland Heights is a very safe place to live. In the case of an unwanted situation, all 96 sworn officers of the City of Cleveland Heights Police Department will have your back covered.

Cost of Living in Cleveland Heights, OH

A family of four should be making around $73,999 to afford to live here, according to the Economic Policy Institute. The cost of living in Cleveland Heights is slightly below the national average yet just above the state average. So if you’re coming from another state, chances are Cleveland Heights is undoubtedly an affordable place to live. With a sales tax of 8% and an income tax of 2.25%, Cleveland Heights has a current median house price of $161,300 on Redfin. If signing a lease for an apartment is your plan of action, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Cleveland Heights is $1296 according to Rentcafe.

Cleveland Heights, OH Everyday Expenses

The following expenses in Cleveland Heights, OH are provided by

  • Cup of coffee — $4.21
  • Basic utilities — $104.00
  • Internet plan — $65.70
  • One dozen eggs — $2.30
  • Doctor’s visit — $107.00

Cleveland Heights, OH Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Cleveland Heights, OH

The numerous neighborhoods in Cleveland Heights are swarming with beautiful historic homes and supportive communities. The more affordable homes tend to be in the northwest parts of the city whereas the most desired homes are often situated in the southwest. The southern part of Cleveland Heights will bring you close to an array of parks, nature reserves, natural beauty, and close distance to downtown. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with the best and most original shopping options, Coventry Village Commercial District is the place to be. If walking and biking distance to University Circle sounds more appealing, then Grant Deming’s Forest Hill Neighborhood might be the best option.

All neighborhoods provide roughly 10 miles distance from Cleveland Heights to Downtown Cleveland which will take you west on the road for about 20 minutes. If you want to call this place your new home, try searching for homes for sale in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Wherever you end up, living in Cleveland Heights will give you close access to downtown Cleveland, University Circle, and even five major interstates.

Cleveland Heights, OH Climate and Weather

Cleveland Heights weather consists of warm summers with highs of 82 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the winters are very cold and snowy with lows of 22 degrees Fahrenheit. With 68 inches of annual snowfall, the winter conditions in Cleveland Heights are perfect for residents to go skiing or snowboarding! You’ll need your sunglasses during the 162 days of sunshine, and your rainboots throughout the 38 inches of annual rainfall in Cleveland Heights. With summer and fall as the most likable seasons, the best months to visit Cleveland Heights are in June, August, and September.

Things to Do in Cleveland Heights, OH

With everything from sports to arts, Cleveland Heights has a handful of amenities, programs, and cultural opportunities for residents of all ages to enjoy! The city has over 135 acres of lovely parkland, a winery, playgrounds, a farmer’s market, and even a Cleveland Heights golf course! If you’re looking to lighten your wallet at some shops, the Severance Town Center in Cleveland Heights is at your service! Check out even more things to do below!

Cain Park

This intimate outdoor music and dance theater features a beautiful park and concert venue with an excellent sound system. Cain Park is the perfect Cleveland Heights place to go with the family for live entertainment!

14591 Superior Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, 216-371-3000

Cleveland Heights Community Center

For 12 months out of the year, this bustling community center in Cleveland Heights offers an Olympic-sized ice rink, a fitness center, recreational programs, and many parks that provide playgrounds, water slides, and basketball courts.

1 Monticello Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44118, 216-691-7373

Additional Attractions in Cleveland Heights, OH

All 7 park parks in Cleveland Heights are maintained by the Cleveland Heights Parks and Recreation system. If you wish to tune in on events going on in Cleveland Heights, you can check that out here.

Cleveland Heights, OH Restaurants


This artsy and vegan-friendly restaurant in Cleveland Heights features a globally influenced menu with a wide selection of food options. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or meat-eating, this versatile place is sure to keep you coming back!

1824 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, 216-321-7757

The Haunted House Restaurant

In the mood for a surprisingly delicious meal and spooky entertainment? The Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights features a fun horror-movie theme and provides free popcorn, cocktails, and tasty fare! It makes for the perfect restaurant to take the kids or a group of friends!

13463 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, 216-862-5584

Jobs in Cleveland Heights, OH

If you’re hoping to make a living, it’s good to know that Cleveland Heights is home to over 800 chains and independent businesses. According to Payscale, Cleveland Heights has an average base salary of $58,000 and an average hourly rate of $16.76. Some of the most popular employers include Deloitte, EY, and Cleveland Clinic whereas a few of the top positions include administrative assistants, operations managers, and tooling engineers. If you’re looking for employment, search online for jobs in and around Cleveland Heights, OH.

Cleveland Heights, OH Schools

Also home to several private schools, most of the public schools in Cleveland Heights are served by the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District, whereas a small portion of the city runs under the East Cleveland City School District. The city has six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school known as Heights High School.

Whether you’re a student in need of quiet study time or a senior citizen on the hunt for an interesting novel, you’ll have close access to Cuyahoga County’s largest suburban public library system— Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library.

Cleveland Heights, OH Statistics and Information

Cleveland Heights, OH of Cuyahoga County has a land area of 8.085 square miles and a population density of 5604 people per mile. The city of Cleveland Heights has an elevation of 935 feet and zip codes ranging from 44106 to 44121. With the area code of 216, Cleveland Heights is within the Eastern Central Time Zone. In case you’re in need of air travel, the Cuyahoga County Airport is just 6 miles northeast of Cleveland Heights.

Cleveland Heights, OH Map

Take a glance at some more places to go with this map of Cleveland Heights Below!

Pros and Cons of Living in Cleveland Heights, OH

  • Pro: Enjoy the high amount of racial and socio-economical diversity seen throughout the city!
  • Pro: Take advantage of what downtown Cleveland has to offer without having to live there!
  • Con: Warm jackets, snow boots, and mittens are definitely a must-have considering the freezing cold and snowy winters.

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