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Donating Furniture in Cleveland OH [2024] | Cleveland Furniture Donation Pick Up and 🪑 How to Donate in Cleveland

Last Updated on: 9th June 2022, 04:59 pm

At this point in your life, you’ve probably had to relocate at some point. Some people have probably moved several times. Whether you moved from across town, down the street, on the other side of the state, or even relocated across the country, a move is a move is a move – and it can be stressful!

One of the ways to limit how stressful a move can be is by getting rid of things that you realize you probably no longer need. Many of us have old exercise equipment, dining sets, patio furniture, or even old couches, sofas, and recliners that just don’t get any use anymore. We hang on to them because there really isn’t anything wrong with them and we keep thinking “That might be useful someday!” Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, it just continues to sit there and rot. Donating old furniture is a great way to ensure somebody will use it, even if it isn’t you. Better than letting it go to waste in the basement or attic, right? And certainly better than throwing it away at the local landfill!

Moving to a new home is a common opportunity for Cleveland furniture donation. There are a number of charitable organizations that you can donate your old equipment and furniture to so that you can rest easy knowing somebody is going to be able to use your perfectly fine office chairs, dining set, and first love seat, especially if they’re still in good condition. You may sleep even better knowing you can get a receipt to use for tax preparations in the coming tax season! Here’s what you need to know about valuing your donated furniture and how to donate for tax benefits.

Ready but wondering where to donate furniture? Please keep in mind that Summit Moving does not assist with your furniture donations and subsequent pick up. But we have put together this list of charities and organizations where you can donate furniture, many that offer pickup services! If you are donating furniture as a result of a pending relocation, we are here to assist with your move. 🙏

donating furniture pickup

Here’s a list of awesome charitable organizations for furniture pickup donation in Cleveland:

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

Habitat Restore is an interesting option for donating furniture because its mission isn’t simply to provide furniture for people at discounted prices, or sometimes even free. ReStore sales improve Habitat’s mission to help Cleveland families and individuals purchase safe and affordable homes as a whole! Essentially, when you donate used furniture it will indirectly increase the likelihood that improved housing is available for people moving into the city. It will be difficult to find another donation center that will take your old stuff and simultaneously improve your new neighborhood. According to their website, both locations carry a wide selection of items including appliances, tools, lighting, building supplies, cabinets, home décor, and usual furniture which means they accept donations of all those same categories.

Habitat Restore offers a pickup service to those who are donating furniture in Cleveland. There are two levels of pickup service; priority and standard. Priority includes furniture donation Cleveland pickup in less than 48 hours, allows for assistance during disassembly, and doesn’t require you to bring the donated furniture or items to the curb/driveway side for pickup. Standard doesn’t have any of those options, requires that you to do the work of getting the items and furniture out to the curb for furniture donation pickup, and can have up to a 4 week waiting period before the truck will be able to get to you. Note that priority pickup services cost substantially more.

To get ahold of Habitat ReStore with questions or to schedule a pickup, call (216) 429-1299, go online and check out their forms, or if you’re already having us handle your move and it coincides with one of the drop off times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 5:30pm and Friday and Saturday from 8:30am to 3:30pm, we can drop off your donations as part of your relocation.

2110 W 110th St. Cleveland, OH 44102 and 4601 Northfield Rd. North Randall, OH 44128 – (216) 429-1299

The Cleveland Furniture Bank

Cleveland Furniture Bank seems to cater more toward families with children than anything else. This is a great option for those who are looking to donate perfectly usable children’s furniture or items. Beds, cribs, changing tables, you name it – if you have something that’s in good shape pertaining to a smaller child, the Furniture Bank will absolutely take it.

Unfortunately, there’s been an unsustainable population boom in the Cleveland area and without enough employment opportunities to keep up with the boom, there are a number of families struggling to find adequate furnishings for their homes and growing families. As reported on the website, “In 2012 CFB created Beds for Kids program to insure that every child who is a part of the referred families and needs a bed receives a new bed and mattress. The Beds for Kids program is the only part of CFB’s Furniture for Families that is not supported by the money generated by the Thrift Store and is the only one that is new furniture. On an annual basis, Cleveland Furniture Bank provides almost 20,000 pieces of furniture to between 3500 and 4000 individuals. Each year over 1000 Beds for Kids are distributed. And over 35,000 people take advantage of the opportunity to find great buys in the Thrift Store.

When donating furniture to the Cleveland Furniture Bank you can either schedule a pickup or if you’re hiring us to help you move, we can drop off your items to their donation center located just outside of Cleveland. Call 216-459-2265, ext. 101 or ext. 114 to schedule a pickup or furniture removal inside the Cleveland city limits. Alternately, donators are encouraged to use the online scheduling system to schedule pickup for donations.

13360 Smith Road, Middleburg Heights, OH – 216-459-2265, ext. 101 or ext. 114

Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and Central Ohio, Inc

One of the largest organizations accepting furniture donations in Cleveland, Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and Central Ohio, Inc has been serving the Cleveland community with affordable recycled furniture and home goods for over 100 years. Goodwill is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so financial contributions are tax deductible and you can feel good about donating furniture to charity.

Items must be in good condition as the mission of Goodwill is to resell the items at affordable prices and use the income to support community initiatives. They love accepting large furniture donations that are in great condition and help save shoppers money! When donating furniture to Goodwill in Cleveland you will need to deliver your items or have us add a stop to the donation center during your relocation to drop off the donations.

408 Ninth Street SW, Canton, Ohio 44707 – 1-800-942-3577

Another Chance of Ohio

Think of Another Chance of Ohio as a more localized service similar to the Salvation Army. You can schedule furniture drops with them and it’s encouraged because they don’t have long hours since most of what keeps Another Chance running is volunteer work. We recommend calling this non-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio at (216) 341-8733 before trying to show up with your Cleveland furniture donations. They like to have a list of what you’re going to be bringing so they can decide whether or not to accept the donations as space and time is limited.

Another Chance of Ohio is known for working with church groups locally to help less fortunate people around the holiday season make sure they can have furnished apartments and homes to enjoy the season with family. Only during the holiday season do they have enough volunteers to schedule a day or two of pickups in the local area.

2974 E 65th St, Cleveland, OH 44127 – (216) 341-8733

The Salvation Army

Everybody knows about the Salvation Army because it’s one of the largest charities in the country.

Donations are accepted but the furniture needs to be in pretty excellent condition as the Army has higher standards they abide to nationwide. You can contact them with questions or to schedule a date and time of delivery but the personnel can turn away anything that doesn’t meet their expectation. Since the Salvation Army has a number of thrift stores to help enhance their overall bottom line, they refuse to sell used items that aren’t in very good condition.

The benefit of donating to the Salvation Army is that the money raised goes to support humanitarian efforts around the local community first, then around the state, then the country, then the world. There are issues everywhere and while your furniture may not be helping you any longer, it could still raise some money for the Salvation Army to do some good outside your own community.

The Salvation Army has three locations within the Cleveland city limits, located at:

Furniture Donation in Cleveland Map

There is a really good chance you know exactly the kind of stuff we’ve talked about in this article: items and furniture that have just been collecting dust over the years that you really don’t need anymore. Or maybe you’re planning to furnish your new home with all new furniture and it’s time to let someone else enjoy your current furniture. There is someone out there who could use it and you could definitely do with the tax break so why not put some of your old furniture that’s in good shape into your donation pile? While we aren’t in the business of picking up and dropping off donations exclusively, we also know the value in charity so we’re happy to help if you’re hiring us to complete your relocation. Keep that in mind when you need a Cleveland, Ohio moving company to help you and your family or business relocate! Give us a call at 216-641-6677.


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