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Hiring Akron Moving Help and Moving Labor

Your upcoming move doesn’t have to be a pain! Many people waste hours and hurt themselves trying to move their boxes, furniture, and household goods. Akron moving help can perform the work you need, so you can relax before, on, and after moving day. We serve all of the Greater Akron area, Canton, Wooster, OH, and beyond. Here’s how you can use moving helpers for moving to Akron.

Benefits of Akron Moving Helpers

Akron moving helpers provide numerous benefits. Moving may seem easy, but it requires many steps over long hours. We provide convenience and help you stay in control of your move by performing the most stressful tasks. You can assign your crew of Akron furniture moving helpers to perform any task you need, giving you flexibility.

You will enjoy a safer and more affordable move when you hire moving help. Our crew knows how to move items without breaking them. You won’t injure yourself or damage your floors, doors, and belongings. You may even save money because you don’t buy replacements or make expensive repairs to your home.

What Professional Akron Moving Helpers Do

Akron moving helpers can perform various stressful tasks. We can pack and unpack your boxes, bags, and containers. We can assemble and disassemble furniture, including beds and couches. We can help with loading a moving truck and help with unloading a moving truck. We can also assist with a storage container or car. However, we do not transport your items to your new residence.

Our Akron UHaul moving help team has access to the best supplies in the moving industry. We can use dollies and carts to move items across rooms or into and out of your house. We can also wrap your belongings in wrapping paper, tape, and furniture blankets to keep them safe. Our team of Akron moving helpers is highly trained, efficient, and friendly. You will enjoy convenience, control, and flexibility while saving money and time after giving us a call.

Call 330-633-3633 for a free quote from Summit Moving today!

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Akron

We offer full service and comprehensive Akron moving labor services whenever you need help moving. You can order any service you want, and we can give you a free estimate whenever you need one. Here are a few reasons for hiring residential Akron movers now.

Load/Unload a Moving Container

A moving container lets you protect, store, and transport all of your items. You can buy a container with enough space for bulky belongings, including pianos, couches, and artwork. You can attach your moving container to a truck or trailer and then haul it to your new home. Our Akron moving helpers can move items in and out of your moving container to save you time. We can offer load/unload help in any city in Ohio, letting you rest during your relocation.

You can order moving containers of various sizes. Many companies offer 8-foot containers, which are suitable for apartments. 16-foot containers are perfect for large apartments or small homes. Our crew of Akron furniture moving helpers can load any container you rent in a day.

Popular companies for moving containers include:

  • Pods
  • Pack Rat
  • Reloc Cubes
  • SmartBox
  • U-Pack Containers
  • ZippyShell
  • UNITS Moving and Portable Storage


We offer top notch service with Akron packing services. If you’re struggling with fragile items, we can complete partial packing in Akron OH. We have extensive experience and training in handling china, glassware, knick-knacks, and other breakable items. You can stop by our Akron OH office and pick up packing materials to pack your own items.

We can also pack your entire house. We will bring our own packing materials, including sturdy boxes and tape. Once we’ve arrived at your new house, we can unpack your items and set up your home as you want it. We can give you a guide to successful packing to speed up the packing process.

Remodel a Home

Many people order Akron movers for hire before a home remodel or renovation. We can relocate items in your kitchen, living room, or another space to your attic or basement. If you don’t have excess space in your home, our help moving team can haul your belongings to a storage facility.

Our Akron labor help crew has extensive experience in assembling and disassembling furniture. We can make your larger items smaller and easier to store in your attic, basement, or storage container.

Schedule an appointment with Summit Moving, and start your move with experienced Akron moving helpers!

Truck Rental Loading/Unloading

Our experienced movers can help you with loading, unloading, and rearranging furniture in a rental truck. Our furniture moving helpers can arrange your items inside your truck to make transportation easy. We can then haul your items from the truck into your house, placing them in any room you want. If you find you have brought too many items, our Akron UHaul movers can load them into a storage unit.

You can order rental trucks from many companies with services across the United States. Popular options include:

Do you need efficient furniture moving helpers for your truck rental? Contact Summit Moving now!

Freight Trailer Loading

A freight trailer is a 28-foot truck many customers use for long distance moves. It has more than enough space for all items in your home, as well as heavy items like safes. You can rent part or all of a freight trailer, paying for only the space you use.

Akron moving helpers can assist with loading and unloading all your items into the trailer. If you’re sharing the trailer with other customers, we can add partitions to separate your items from others. We can pack your boxes and bags in an organized fashion, keeping like items together.

Popular companies for freight trailer rentals include:

Self Storage Move-in and Move-Out

You can order a self-storage container even if you’re not completing an Akron move. Many students order containers to store their items during vacations. Military service members often order containers to store their belongings while they’re on deployment. A self-storage container can also be helpful if you’re moving from a spacious home to a small apartment. Your container can store your excess items until you sell them.

Our Akron moving help team can load and unload your container. We can store your valuables in bags or wrapping paper to add an extra layer of security. We recommend working with the best Akron storage companies, including Storage of America.

Call 330-633-3633 for a free quote for Akron self storage helpers now!

Cost of Hiring Akron Moving Help

The cost of Akron labor for moving varies depending on a few factors. Most Akron moving assistance is available by the hour, so you pay for each hour your moving crew works. Summit Moving makes its team of Akron moving helpers available for at least four hours.

However, some Akron local moving help companies charge rates based on the number of items moved. The more items you own, the more money you will pay. You may also pay more if your Akron moving help by the hour must move heavy furniture and other heavy items.

Some Akron help moving companies let you buy supplies from them, while others offer supplies for free. Other companies also charge extra if they need special access to your items or to disassemble your items.

No matter what help in Akron you need, you will receive a stress free moving experience. We will always assign at least two capable Akron moving helpers to assist you. If you ever want a quote for Akron furniture moving helpers, call us. We’ll give you a free estimate with transparent pricing.

Hire Summit Moving for Akron Moving Help

You have various options for Akron UHaul movers. Don’t pick the first moving company you see. Ask your friends and family for any help with moving they have ordered in the past. Check Yelp and Google reviews for top Akron movers for hire.

Any Akron moving help company you hire should have a license and insurance. The Akron moving helpers should have experience specifically in labor services, including heavy lifting. They should also have access to all the tools and equipment needed for a smooth and professional moving process.

Once you’ve looked into Akron moving labor services, you’ll find that Summit Moving has the best Akron moving help. We have over 65 years of experience in offering moving services in Ohio. Our moving labor help crew has assisted over 100,000 customers while maintaining a customer referral rate of 96%. We also have an insurance claim rate of less than 2% because we strive to keep our clients’ belongings secure.

We have over 800 positive Google reviews with an average star rating of 4.7. We are a fully licensed and insured Akron moving labor help company.

Tips and Resources for Akron DIY Moving

We can want to give you the most stress free move possible. We recommend using the following tools to expedite your move:

Akron moving help can make a difference in your next move. Our team of Akron moving labor professionals can load a storage container and a rental truck in no time. We can also move your belongings around in your home to free up space and permit a renovation.

Summit Moving is ready to give you the speedy moving help you deserve. We serve all of the Greater Akron area, Canton, Wooster, OH, and beyond. Call 330-633-3633 for a free estimate for moving assistance now.